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Race lead says she's never witnessed internal racism in her career

Guest (19/11/21 @ 15:43)

Well crack on don’t have the deterrent of stop searches and see how many more murders and stabbings you have. Then it will be the police’s fault again no doubt.What’s worse potentially offending someone for having the audacity to conduct a lawful stop and search ,or to leave a family to wallow in the grief caused by the murder of a son, daughter, mother or father? You get the drift.Society will never be fair but we can at least make it safer, and every time your criticise the police for doing this you undermine their ability to try and keep people safer.There are too many people in these quangos and public bodies who would be better served by experiencing what the police do on a day to day basis by coming out with the police for 6 months on response or CID then you might be in a better position to pass comment .

chris24pc (19/11/21 @ 15:43)

Maybe 77% results in 'no further action' because of the fear of being stopped and searched !!!! I'm pretty sure potential blade carriers, of whatever colour, would carry a blade if stop and search was abolished. Why don't we prove the point by suspending stop and search for 12 months. I'm pretty sure that the figures would shut up Ms Johnson, Clive Myrie and everyone else who thinks that searching someone is against their civil liberties AND a racist action.

Ian (20/11/21 @ 14:27)

If only we could manage one step forward before taking two back.

Annoymous. (20/11/21 @ 16:22)

I suppose alll the race grievances, ET claims being called racist names etc are a figament of many cops imaginations.

Anon (20/11/21 @ 20:00)

Stop & Search numbers nose dived after Theresa May decided to declare war on both the Police and the tactic. Violent crime figures involving weapons, stabbings and shootings spiralled. We have already seen what would happen.

Anon (20/11/21 @ 20:02)

Come out with CID, what to get dirty refs!

Jensen2021 (21/11/21 @ 13:45)

So disappointing, but not surprising that Clive Myrie appears to be a respected journalist, yet he follows the institutional racism mantra, completely disregarding the reality of why things are the way they are about stop and search. I really don’t know how people like him can call themselves journalists when they ignore facts and just blindly follow their narrative. They must have been so irritated when she couldn’t think of any incidents of racism in her 28 year career. They were probably hoping she would feel off countless examples.

Annoymous. (21/11/21 @ 22:57)

I agree with that and I’m a retired BAME officer and then there are the BAME cops cited in race cases including another NPCC race lead.

Baker1 (24/11/21 @ 04:49)

Anonymous (25/11/21 @ 17:19)

30yrGMP (26/11/21 @ 09:47)

The way to truly measure how racist the police use of stop and search is, is to record and measure the ethnicity of all victims and perpetrators of gun and knife crime. Publish them and then compare them against the demographics of the people the police stop and search. Surely the powers that be would want an accurate as picture as possible to gauge the racism of front line cops? So if all knife and gun crime involves say 80% white people but 80% of those stop searched were black, then that would be clear racism wouldn't it? Do they publish ethnicity percentages for knife and gun crime? Are the figures readily accessible? A lot of academics are involved in this debate but I've never seen this obvious analysis suggested. Why not?

anonpol (26/11/21 @ 13:50)

Keep denying that racism exists and, by some kind of magic, it won't exist.

Springbok223 (26/11/21 @ 15:23)

I find that very difficult to believe, she must be deaf, or just been very lucky. Denying it will not make it any better. She may need a new battery in her deaf aid.

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