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Conduct lead defends 'scrupulously fair' changes to officer hearings

Softly Softly (24/11/21 @ 16:43)

For 'shortening the time' read 'the ends justify the means'. Two fairly recent matters in one particular Force indicate 'the ends' where two successive Chief Constables of the Force in point were unable to accept firstly, the decision of the Police Appeals Tribunal to overturn the immediate dismissal decision of an independently chaired Disciplinary Hearing, with that of a final written warning, that ended up in the Court of Appeal and the Force lost. Secondly, where a judicial review has been sought of the decision to apply a Final Witten Warning decision of, again, an independently chaired Disciplinary Hearing, where the Force/Chief Constable seeks dismissal. So yes, it would seem the flavour of some is for the reintroduction of 'Kangaroo Courts'

Anonanon (24/11/21 @ 23:09)

Those of us at the messy end of policing all know this for what it is. Its NPCC looking to be seen to be doing something. The introduction of independent and legally qualified chairs of disciplinary hearings was a significant milestone for the concept of a fair and impartial review of what was presented to them for the officers concerned in the process. The terms 'scrupulously fair' and 'undermines culture' are also bandied about. Its up to an independently chaired panel to decide what is 'scrupulously fair' or 'undermines culture' whatever that 'culture' is determined to be. It is NOT for NPCC to decide is 'scrupulously fair' or undermines 'culture'. My cynicism of the upper reaches of the organisation and their view on 'culture' is probably highlighted by the case surrounding Supt Robyn Williams. An exemplary officer who simply and sadly, did not do the right thing when she should have done in circumstances surrounding child abuse. Court found guilty, the appeal upheld the decision and yet PAT decided a final written warning was appropriate and not the dismissal. This appeal against dismissal supported by the Superintendents association. 'Undermines culture' anyone? On the other end of the promotion scale I await to see what happens to the Met officer recently cleared of the accusation of rape by a Crown Court in Essex and whether a NG finding at Court by a jury will affect what happens if a panel is arranged post verdict.

Anon (24/11/21 @ 23:56)

The huge challenge here is the total lack of trust in NPCC from the federated ranks. Any attempt at tinkering with the system is immediately seen as further attempts to "Throw Officers Under the Bus". Sadly NPCC and ACPO before them have created this situation where NPCC are seen to be working to an opposing agenda to those that work in operational front line policing. This total disconnect cannot easily be repaired, indeed if it ever can be.

zed (25/11/21 @ 09:04)

There are unfortunately lots of examples of chiefs throwing large sums of public money at JRs of independent panel decisions as they don't like the result. When they do that they usually use the most expensive legal team going and still often don't win but waste huge sums of money.

Anonymous (26/11/21 @ 10:53)

Independent panel Chairs should resist this blatant and public attempt to skew justice. I hope the Chairs publicly denounce this proposal. it does appear to be posturing for the media.

Springbok223 (26/11/21 @ 15:35)

How can Guildford say that the system will be scrupulously fair, he cannot possibly know that for a fact. The Fed and lads and lasses do not trust CC's that much and there will be some who want to get rid of a certain officer even if he is innocent and will do their best to get their wanted outcome. It works fine as it is except for the very long delays in getting the Panels set up.

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