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Delays to HMIC reports being published “not helpful” says chief

A-non-e-mouse (25/11/21 @ 10:27)

So much respect for this Chief, certainly not afraid to say it how it is. Spot on!

Jensen2021 (25/11/21 @ 15:46)

This chief appears to lead by example. He challenges and rebuts unfair criticism rather than roll over

Fatblurk (25/11/21 @ 21:14)

This is probably the last 'copper' at that rank. Since he came in the morale of the officers has raised significantly. He plainly doesn't care if he gets a knighthood and is all the better for it. Regularly calls out the MSM, Interest groups and others when they talk out of their backsides.

Tolcarne (25/11/21 @ 22:09)

It's a crying shame there aren't a few more Chiefs like CC Adderley who says it as it is and stands up to the College of Policing, HM Inspector and IOPC. If there were, I'm sure the world would be a better place for the poor souls on the front-line of policing.

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