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Officers are "not medics" warns Fed as PSNI roll out Naloxone

Captainover (03/12/21 @ 13:54)

Blurring the lines again. Also worth noting that police officers do not have medical liability insurance that is required by all practicing doctors, nurses and paramedics. Why do we keep taking on more work that is nothing to do with the police? What next.. shall we start doing home help work or perhaps putting out fires for the fire brigade as they are too busy!

@1245 (03/12/21 @ 15:31)

Why bother giving officers first aid training then? Is that not basic medical training to help save lives? I don't think this is about taking away from other services but giving officers the equipment to administer basic aid to someone suffering a life threatening issue.

Anon (03/12/21 @ 22:45)

Perhaps the Fire Brigade could start booking on Arsons, While the Ambulance Service record assaults! While PSNI are struggling massively with there own demands. Why are the actively looking for other high risk work streams that are ckearly the responsibility of medics!

Captainover (04/12/21 @ 09:39)

There is a massive difference between basic first aid and an officer injecting a controlled drug into someone. I would not be doing it.

ASG (06/12/21 @ 05:18)

Where are the police leaders and the Federation voice, I know it’s a stupid question but this is what happens when senior management is beholden to politician, there is no defined role for a police officer and no union/workplace protection… The police already take up the slack with regard to mental health issues, they do the same for the under resourced probation service and now they are expected to administer drugs to drug addicts………this is not the role of the police officer, to be encouraged to administer medical drugs, the argument being their actions might be life-saving

@1245 (06/12/21 @ 15:01)

@Captainover From what I read it is a nasal spray? First aid teaches us administration of epi pens and use of angina sprays if available for those in need to the medication

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