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Temporary chief constable for Cleveland announced

paul webb (13/12/21 @ 17:43)

Is she not tainted with the ongoing failure of the senior management of this force? Is anyone taking bets on how long she will last?

Annoymous. (13/12/21 @ 19:37)

Is she linked to any race or corruption scandals ?

retired brief (13/12/21 @ 21:42)

Presumably she applied last time and was not found to be suitable for the vacancy. Will be interesting to see what unfolds here and who will be 'humbled, challenged, delighted etc., etc.,' to be the chosen one out of what seems to be a most uninspiring field by this PCC and his colleagues in other forces who have gone through a trawl of the current field of applicants .

Bob French (13/12/21 @ 21:51)

@Annoymous. Possibly, she might have told a joke in 1973.

M10 (18/12/21 @ 14:30)

Helen isn’t linked to any scandals and has had a good but unremarkable career with Durham. She hasn’t got the depth of experience and stamina to take on the disaster that Cleveland is (few have). Officers have come to expect their chief to escape as soon as possible. Richard Lewis said he was staying and in for the long haul, but that didn’t last long. The only way is for this dreadful force to be dismantled, and merged with surrounding forces which might then stand a chance of reforming the culture of middle and senior officers

Anon (19/12/21 @ 22:17)

Cleveland is a basket case. It is impossible to save. Many have tried and failed. Time to dismantle it and share its geographical area amongst surrounding forces.

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