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Police Scotland tackled over progress on low carbon fleet

Anon (04/01/22 @ 17:19)

No surprise with the very limited range of electric vehicles the very high cost and the questions regarding charging times in particular for 24/7 response vehicles.

paul webb (05/01/22 @ 08:48)

They do realise that the police are 24/7 not 9-5. So they do realise that the police need access to their vehicles 24/7 and not having to wait several hours for the golf carts to recharge. Sorry of course they do not they are politician's therefore have no idea of the real world outside their bubble. Can you imagine being stuck at a road closure in the Highlands in the middle of a winters night watching the battery dying in front of you. Blind alley they need to focus on hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles looks a better bet in the long term.

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