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RUC collusion with terror groups claim 'untested', says PFNI

The Good Badger (14/01/22 @ 16:41)

The accepted narrative for a long time has been that the villains of the piece were only the security forces, whilst republican terrorists were merely freedom fighters who were forced to operate due to British tyrany. Loyalist terrorists were just a cover name for the desires of the securatats. This ill worded document will just add fuel to the above. No one can be in any doubt that PoNI works to a nationalist agenda.

retired brief (14/01/22 @ 19:15)

And what is the current chief constable going to do about that Good Badger? I wonder what the operational police officers, at the very sharp and dangerous end of policing in Northern Ireland think of their chief constable, and whether they believe he has their best interests at heart. Considering his record on the mainland with a host of comments regarding him on this website.

ASG (15/01/22 @ 07:55)

Once again the RUC is vilified through institutions infiltrated by republicans sympathetic to the cause. Living in Northern Ireland I say without correction it is a daily occurrence……. Lawfare is the new warfare and it works, historic complaints and grievances played out through civil courts and the ombudsman’s office is the way forward for republicans intent on a 32 county Ireland. A lower burden of proof together with another heavily opinionated “ official report “ is being used to to vilify a police force which lost just over 300 officers to Republican murderers over nearly 30 years. I understand part of the political program for SFIRA is to wheel out unrepentant terrorists like Kelly to comment on the ombudsman’s report but Friday nights 6 pm news report on ITV was a sneering, biased report which could have been put edited by a SF publicity team. It left me in no doubt where the msm stands when reporting on legacy/troubles issues in Northern Ireland. There seems to be no willingness to understand the genuine policing issues which existed at the height of the Troubles, normal policing was a dream yet the current narrative held by the ombudsman and many, many public officials that should know better is that normal policing was willingly pushed aside. Unless there is some pushback, the Republican narrative with regard to legacy will lead to the RUC and other security services being viewed in the same light as the Black and Tans in the Republic.

paul webb (17/01/22 @ 18:20)

Sadly the RUC and the army were hung out to dry with the GFA letting SF/IRA into power has created the situation where there actions are not examined at all. All the focus is on the alleged misdeeds of the security forces. People who paid for the peace with their lives.

jerry (18/01/22 @ 13:25)

The problem her is that the fear,dangers, and inability to carry out “normalâ€쳌 policing during a long period of terrorist activity has left scars. Those scars will remain for a long time because the factions in that island will continue to resurrect them. Orange parades versus nationalist 1916 memorial parades. But unfortunately your post is quite obviously from a certain side and whilst I know ( and loathe) SF/IRA I have equal loathing for their mirror images on the other side, the UDA, DUP, etc etc. Fortunately there are a lot more decent folk there than those who subscribe to the two tribes who are forever mired in “whataboutery “ and tribalism. The present day PSNI have moved forward from the past. They should be supported in that and a wary eye kept on the Kelly’s and their mirror images from the other side.

jerry (18/01/22 @ 13:32)

I have said before in other post on this matter that you are mistaken. Everyone knows what took place and who did what. To put the Military,RUC etc on a pedestal where they are innocent of all misdeeds does them no favours in a democratic state. How many have been prosecuted and found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment..? Criticism on paper, historical investigations and if necessary putting said evidence before a court is unlikely to have a finding of guilt after all this time. The GFA stopped a war which maimed and killed many people, poisoned societies and held back economic development and an improvement in life chances for everyone. Would you prefer that the original situation continued with more maiming and deaths…?

paul webb (18/01/22 @ 15:59)

@jerry It is the one sided aspect I find that sticks in the craw. The security services without doubt did kill known terrorists in situations where on the main land arrest would have been the 1st option. However we were fighting determined terrorists who were very happy too use the law when it suited them but had no compunction in kidnapping torture and murder when they thought they could get away with it. Yes in a perfect world this should not happen but it was and at lower level still is a bloody civil war. The terrorists in SF/IRA have still got links to the dissidents and are quite happy to have the separation from their crimes as it suits their purposes to remind the UK government that they could easily resume full blown terror campaigns if they feel that they are not getting their way. The GFA was peace at any price and SF/IRA have come out as the ultimate winners as they believe time is on their side

jerry (20/01/22 @ 14:31)

@paul webb Your focus is on one side only which shows bias. Secondly there is no intelligence of which I am aware that states a “full blown terrorist campaignâ€쳌 could be launched again. It would be contradictory and self defeating for the very organisation you have pointed out as terrorists ( and doing well in polls on both sides of the border unfortunately) to sacrifice all their political gains ,and poll strength, by attempting to return to a past. As I said before dissidents are believed to number about a hundred and have little support. The other side have possibly more but they are known to be up to their necks in drugs and other criminality. Interesting that you do not mention them..! As I said earlier your method would not have got a GFA and a number of Army, Police and members of the public would now be dead or maimed. Not to mention the financial cost to the economy and taxpayers. Sometimes you have to accept half a loaf as distinct from the full loaf or put with getting no loaf.

The sympathetic Retiree. (20/01/22 @ 21:28)

Let’s get real here. 3500 people were killed in NI during the troubles. 52% were civilians and 32% were Security Forces. 16% were terrorists. Republican terrorists were responsible for 60% of the deaths, loyalists for 30% and security forces for 10%. These are official figures. 1049 Security Forces were killed, 229 PIRA, 38 INLA, 27 OIRA, 1 PLO and 2 RIRA. 1 Member of the Irish Army and 9 Gardai. During this time 197 UDR were convicted of Loyalist Terrorist Offences and 1 RUC officer was convicted of a terrorist offense. There are many accusations leveled at the RUC of collusion but only one was convicted. Only evidence was found against one and he was convicted. Interestingly only 40% of PIRA were killed in the course of terrestrial activity by Security Forces 60% were killed by the PIRA themselves , in accidental explosions and punishment shooting many of which were after torture. These are the facts which should give some sense of proportion to any reasonable person. Government and Security Forces had to make many difficult decisions to try to bring this slaughter to an end and showed great bravery and restraint.

retired brief (20/01/22 @ 23:21)

Excellent, and well researched points. The terrorists did not receive a great deal of support from the general public. The news reports showing hundreds of people out following the coffin of the latest so called PIRA 'victim' of the security forces showed people who were only there because they had had a knock on the door or a telephone call telling them to be there 'or else'. Pure propaganda for the gullible to swallow hook, line and sinker. Whilst the members of the then RUC carried on in the face of severe challenges which no force on the mainland ever faced, and now have to put up with intolerable bilge like this.

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