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PCCs set for collision with Chiefs and Treasury over station closures

Guest (24/01/22 @ 11:40)

We can find billions for foreign aid with absolutely no idea what the money is being spent on,but we cannot adequately protect our own citizens and ensure that the police have the resources that they need.

paul webb (24/01/22 @ 16:39)

Now now you can not demand the foreign aid budget be used for the people who pay for it. How on earth would the Peruvian Guinea pig farmers manage to afford the next Mercedes or the Ethiopian spice girls afford their make up. Seriously the political classes think we are all knuckle dragging retards who do not understand the use of soft power to enhance our status on the world stage. Unfortunately for the politicians we do understand foreign aid to save a countries population after a natural disaster because us Brits pour more money into charities than anyone else and we do it to help. Not to buy a third world dictator a new gulfstream Sorry bit of a rant, hit a raw nerve.

DT (24/01/22 @ 16:43)

It’s not often that I find myself agreeing with PCCs, however they are absolutely correct in their assertion that Police Stations need to be reopened. Not only for public confidence via public access but also providing a made for purpose site for Police Officers & Staff to work from. How about ensuring that a canteen facility is open 24/7 so that Officers have access to hot meals whilst on duty? Sadly, I suspect budget cuts caused by lack of funding from this Government will cause the reopening of Stations to stumble.

paul webb (24/01/22 @ 16:50)

PCC's coming out with something I agree with. I will be having a lie in a dark room in a moment. Seriously the removal of proper police stations in the knee jerk reaction to the austerity cuts was always a short sighted decision. Sooner or later the demand for the police stations to be restored would start and now we are going to have to pay shed loads of money to get back what we should never have got rid off in the 1st place. My old force has 3 custody suites all in the city. I would not fancy nicking a violent prisoner and trying to drive 30 miles with him in the back of the panda kicking off but that is what officers will have to do.

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