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Violent crime and improvement lead is new Cleveland chief

Annoymous. (03/02/22 @ 23:36)

That precept will be swallowed up by Employment Tribunal cases or civil actions, mark my words.

Captainover (04/02/22 @ 11:39)

Good luck to Mr Webster to try and turn Cleveland around. It has been badly let down by the previous chiefs and their management subordinates and as such needs a good clear out.

Anon (05/02/22 @ 09:00)

He will do a good job, as long as he deals with the rot at the top..

Anon (05/02/22 @ 09:03)


retired brief (05/02/22 @ 16:55)

Talk about being given a poisoned chalice! With a number of incompetent (to be polite) acts to follow. Being selected after an initial fruitless selection process which presumably included him, will not place a great deal of confidence in him by the officers at the sharp end of policing in Cleveland. He will, presumably, have to carry out a weeding out process of senior officers who are tainted by the past, just as the Chief of GMP is doing to cancel the old 'Spanish practices' supervision which blighted that force. Let us see if he is up to it and receives the support of the PCC who finally appointed him whatever voting damage it may do that individuals political stance and desire to be re-elected on the gravy train.

Life on Mars (07/02/22 @ 09:58)

Good bloke! Good luck Mark 0 sadly you'll need it along with some balls to tackle the rot that has been present in the force for so many years coupled with the distrust of many staff and officers in the leadership (Sean Price, Mike Veale and the many other Chiefs who have not stayed the course)

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