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'Surprised' PCC reveals extra recruitment pledge won't happen

David (11/02/22 @ 19:56)

So the response to inadequate ratings is to hire more auditing staff and increase the PCC staff, put the officer uplift on hold and look to cadets to help out in other areas. No wonder the panel are unimpressed.

Firminafirm (12/02/22 @ 11:15)

So it's everybody else's fault but Chris Nelson's?

Jensen2021 (12/02/22 @ 18:59)

I know! They seem to put more money into unnecessary micro management and non policing roles rather than you know…actual police officers to prevent, react to and investigate crime along with the many other things police deal with

Chris Nelson (18/02/22 @ 18:28)

Sadly, this Oracle report does not tell the full picture. My budget will fund the biggest increase to Gloucestershire Constabulary in a generation. More than 400 officers and staff, split roughly 50:50 between full time staff and volunteers. Although the Panel was rather political in its line of questioning, it did give its unanimous cross-party support for this budget.

Chris Nelson (18/02/22 @ 18:33)

The HMI Inspection covered the period of office of my predecessor. So although it is not my fault, it is certainly my responsibility to fix.

Anthony (08/03/22 @ 12:27)

Road safety. What was meant by “using cadets was one avenue that could be exploredâ€쳌 Have full time cadets corps being restarted? If so, how can you deploy them into a hazardous environment such as road traffic scenarios. If he was referring to the Volunteer Police Cadets that many services have, the mind boggles. They are a youth group of 14 to 19 year olds who meet once a week How on earth can you ever think of using these in such a role. PCC Nelson I do not wish to be rude, but next time you find yourself touching down in reality, find out what the cadets actually are.

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