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Garda marks centenary with new look 'modern' uniforms

paul webb (10/02/22 @ 18:12)

Who designed their uniforms? It looks like the same people that designed the star trek outfits!!

retired brief (10/02/22 @ 22:52)

I have travelled throughout Ireland over the last 50 years visiting relatives just on the border between North and South. Lovely country and people, but I must say that in all my stops by the Gardee at border checks over this period, quite a few of them were like cops in the UK - a tadge overweight and looking like a bag of spuds in uniform. Wonder if these two in the photo are models showing off the new uniform, just as appeared to be the case of the new uniform recently shown in the North.

jerry (12/02/22 @ 22:17)

You are correct…not Irish. You also do not know a great deal,it appears, about the Rep. of Ireland, it’s present population or the Garda Siochana. It is distancing itself from England as much as England appears to be distancing itself from Europe. Incidentally compared to the uniform which many Home Office English forces have, the Garda’s new uniform is functional as well as smart….very much in the same vein as the PSNI..!

jerry (12/02/22 @ 22:22)

Ulster fry’s are not just popular in PSNI land and the food can be very good but fast food and shift work does have many downsides. Compared to the Hi Vis many UK forces have to wear they are a long way ahead..!

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