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Cressida Dick and the Mayor: 'a public humiliation'

Harry (14/02/22 @ 17:52)

Top article by Chris Hobbs here who brings out some brilliant points. Love where these homophobic misogynist and sexist officers were so angry at her manner of what was tantamount to dismissal. Keep your heads up.

Anthony (14/02/22 @ 20:21)

Thank you Chris Hobbs for putting this fiasco into perspective. It proves that after 3 years of intense investigation into 800 police officer, only 7 were found to be below the standard of behaviour required of a police officer. How this vilifies the entire police services is beyond my comprehension. It appears to me that the media are using misinformation to attempt to undermine an organisation that is the backbone of a healthy society. Their misinformation about what took place twenty and forty years ago and mislead the public is pathetic., There only intention is apparently sensationalism,and not reporting in a fair and unbiased way. I question whether the press vindictiveness is due to the fear induced when they were being investigated for the illegal phone taps they used to sensationalise news items. Their pathological vindictiveness is unjustifiable.

FlatCapMcDougal (14/02/22 @ 20:56)

I’m my 21 years I have never known hatred like it. When it starts coming from once supportive family members. You have to seriously wonder why I have given so much for this job over the years. I am honest as are the thousands of officers, but you will never win against the media, social media. At 1701 today I have submitted my resignation. 😢

Annoymous. (15/02/22 @ 14:45)

The majority of cops are honest and decent. Unfortunately, it only takes one racist, predator, thief or corrupt officer to damage the sacred bond between the police. I left the job because of racism. I had high arrest rates, detection rates. I received letters of appreciation etc, my teams excelled. I was regarded as good at my job. I saw many positives, made life long friends and saw many good and selfless actions. I also witnessed bullying, racism and a toxic culture which stemmed from the top down. There were senior officers were not fit to be cops never mind bosses. I am better off out the service, many of my colleagues have said it is the public and job who have lost out. I am in a profession, paid more and am happier. I miss the job as it was a childhood aspiration. I don’t miss the toxic elects of it. I miss my friends and the buzz. I don’t miss the stress and constantly watching my back. I miss the wit and intelligent insights. I don’t miss the intransigent ineffective bosses. I was not ex Met and I do not envy anyone who wants to join. I believe the Commissioner has failed. The NBPA have regarded as dismissive, she has been a senior officer and Comm for long enough to effect change she has failed. The Mayor represents all Londoners. Violent crime has been rising. Maybe NSY needs more senior officers to leave as Leaders surround themselves with those who share their views in the main.

Annoymous. (18/02/22 @ 12:08)

I have considered the comments of Saddique Khan, Nazir Afzal and Andy George. All of these are in the public domain. In the main there is an acknowledgement that the majority of cops are good hard working public servants who go above and beyond. All recognise the failings around race and misogyny. Tye usual anti police sentiments cannot be roles out, one is a serving cop, the other a former prosecutor who has worked with cops and the final one as Mayor who has responsibility for policing. I observe these individuals are more in step with the communities the police serve. As Nazir said Dame Dick was a good Detective and the role of Conmsioner is not one she is suited to. Policing must accept constructive criticism, we’ll much is good and the service should be rightly proud, much needs to be done. Public trust has been eroded and needs to be regained or it could be irreparably damaged.

Guest (18/02/22 @ 13:46)


jerry (18/02/22 @ 21:15)

Very insightful article into the situation from someone who knows what they are on about….!

jerry (18/02/22 @ 21:15)

Very insightful article into the situation from someone who knows what they are on about….!

Ian (24/02/22 @ 16:10)

Not sure we can blame the press, afterall, they will peddle whatever they think will sell most copies. The toxicity surrounding policing goes to the heart of our system at present and the sad part is that there are very few if any who can match the calibre of the present Commissioner to lead us forward from here. How will anyone have confidence to work under anyone who is fool enough to want to step in to replace her following this treatment?

XKnotscop (25/02/22 @ 08:54)

Reading the plethora of so called specialist reports published recently you would think every male in every force is the son of the devil. I have witnessed and been aware of equally bad and abhorrent behaviour and predatory sexual behaviour from females within the policing family across all ranks and departments. Authors of such reports painting the male gender as the sole problem should not be so naive or blinded in their quest to tarnish all males in this way as ultimately they include their own Fathers, Brothers, Sons etc as being equally as guilty. One wonders how many carriages the "Band Wagon" has and if the axles and suspension can withstand the added weight of passengers climbing aboard as is all too apparent at present. Accepting there are issues but they exist across society in all genders , all religions all races.....you get the picture

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