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Police Scotland to go national with Naloxone

Anonanon (17/02/22 @ 17:46)

What does management do if an officer declines to take it out on their tour of duty ? There are a lot of officers out there who are very uncomfortable about what they are potentially being asked to do.

Anon (17/02/22 @ 21:13)

In other news Scottish Paramedics are being issued with PAVA and handcuffs!

NW-Bobby (17/02/22 @ 23:46)

It's pretty simple and will save lives. I don't believe anyone has yet been disciplined or sued for doing their best to provide first aid.

Softly Softly (18/02/22 @ 09:14)

Are you a Police Officer or a Medic - the roles become even more confused. In England and Wales, if someone dies as the result of an officer administering Naloxone, will they be exempt from the clutches of the IOPC enquiries or the seeking of compensation from a next of kin - just for doing your best - answer is a resounding NO!

paul webb (21/02/22 @ 18:19)

SNP will be happy if it brings down the death rate of the junkies not sure the rest of society will be that happy the thieving toe rags will be able to keep funding their habits by popping into the local shops to borrow whatever they can sell to get the next fix

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