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Patel asked by Met leadership to review Commissioner's resignation

paul webb (23/02/22 @ 17:11)

Am I wrong here?. I thought the Met commissioner was appointed by the Home Secretary not the jumped up little tweep Khan. So what was he doing interfering with the independence of the police.

Anonanon (23/02/22 @ 17:52)

It was my understanding that a decision by the MPA to effectively ask the Commissioner to retire or resign must be with the approval of the Home secretary. It is suggested she only heard about it after the event. As Khan is a through and through chancer it wouldn't surprise me if he just saw an opportunity to massage his ego and play to the crowd and ignore that messy procedural stuff. However in terms of politicians interfering with the independence of police they have been doing that for some considerable time now.

Picachu (23/02/22 @ 19:43)

You're a bunch of clowns. The Met has really dragged policing through the mud over the years, and they seem intent on carrying on until there is no trust left. I respect Cresida as a Police officer, and I respect the work she did in some part of her career. That being said, starting a political war over her resignation is the last thing policing needs right now, and the only reason I can see that this is happening is that the leadership is so lacking within the Met that they don't have a single person willing to step up to the plate. I've got massive respect for coppers in London, but your leaders are the biggest bunch of Shitehawks in the job; they are killing public trust to save their own skin.

Annoymous. (23/02/22 @ 21:40)

Very well put.

Anon (23/02/22 @ 22:05)

Deputy Commissioner House (not AC House) as in the title of the article, effectively rules himself out of contention for the vacant commissioners post. He and everyone else at the top of the Met knows that the Commissioners position is entirely political. It always has been but now more so than ever. It comes with the territory.

Anon (23/02/22 @ 22:11)

Paul Webb. He was being a politician, that is what they do. Flexing his political muscle and making the Tories and Priti Patel look silly in the process.poor Cressida was just a pawn in the game. House is getting out of his depth and is in danger of getting involved in politics. He needs to be very careful otherwise Khan will be sending him out the exit door of NSY too.

Anonanon (23/02/22 @ 23:48)

@ Picachu Most MET officers who have spent any serious time in the job have a very cynical view of senior management, but I don’t think that is specific to the MET. Reading through articles and comments over the years in PO most commentators have issues with the upper reaches of the organisation they work for no matter what the badge at the gate of Police HQ. The MET is the largest police force by far in the UK and it covers the centre of where the Establishment lives and breathes. It sadly is affected by political pressure by the so called ‘elites’ within its boundaries. It is also the de facto ‘s**t magnet’ for MSM to blame for policing’s failings. If it happens in the MET its headline news. If it happens outside its a paragraph down the pages, if at all. I do take issue to the comment the MET have ‘dragged policing through the mud over the years’ We haven’t. MSM have and we have not been well served by our leadership as per my first paragraph in putting matters in perspective. I am surprised by House ruffling political feathers. It will end up being parked somewhere and political life will go on. As per your comment most coppers in London do great work under very difficult circumstances but ‘public trust’ is being chipped away’ by MSM, not by the huffing and puffing by the upper reaches of our organisation.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (24/02/22 @ 08:11)

i read that he is retiring v soon...as started his tenure around the same time as CD.

PaulH (24/02/22 @ 10:03)

Way back when, when PCC's were on the horizon, I worked with a senior US Police Officer at Bramshill. His words were, "You have no idea how much political control and interference PCC's will bring into UK policing." Prophetic words.

Ian (24/02/22 @ 16:39)

It did not need a US observer to realise this. It is fair to say that many UK commentators had the foresight to realise where policing was heading as soon as David Cameron and his regime came to power. Many articulated this concern at the time, but most simply nodded along with the apathy that has seen us in steady decline ever since. The departure of the Commissioner needs to be seen in the context of the wider erosion of police senior leadership across UK policing. The Service is awash with NPCC vacancies and bereft of capable leaders willing to step up to fill them because of the way senior roles have been devalued and undermined. It is difficult to see any current factors that will improve this dire situation.

Annoymous. (25/02/22 @ 14:48)

I believe their needs to be a cull of the Mets Senior Leadership. All I can see an an outsider looking in (retired non Met) is poor leadership. The Commisoner will have promoted in her own image/values. It’s not more of the same, entrenched culture that is needed, quite the opposite a fresh broom.

Springbok223 (09/03/22 @ 16:04)

That greasy little dwarf Khan doesn't have an ounce of integrity, it is time Patel sorted it out, she just caved in and should have ensured that the procedure was carried out correctly,

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