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Firearms officers launch first aid appeal for Ukraine

Picachu (05/03/22 @ 19:42)

Be very careful what you get involved in here folks. Lovely lofty, well meaning intentions, however there is a reason that the Police are a domestic service and we leave foreign affairs to the MOD and our elected MPs. Wars are never cut and dry, and nuance is a benefit that only time allows for. Sending Combat medical supplies across to a warzone is a well meaning gesture, however they could easily end up in the hands of some of the Azov Battalion or C14 militias. Leave foreign relations and politics to the government. Send aid in a personal capacity, and not on behalf of the job.

jerry (10/03/22 @ 18:36)

The Ukraine police are not connected with AZOV or such and the IPA has a branch in that country. It has also got a branch in Russia but has just suspended that branch. You may not be able to differentiate between a dictatorship and a democracy, or have much knowledge beyond the cliffs of Dover but a lot of us have so I applaud the PFOA.

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