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Issue advice on use of force, firearms lead urges Home Office

paul webb (09/03/22 @ 18:00)

The federation needs to give the idiots a clear date by which this situation has to be resolved. If no solution than on that date all federated ranks will hand in their firearms tickets. Watch the panic set in then when the VIP's suddenly realise that their protection are only carrying asp's . Sadly there will be officers that will carry on being armed because they do not see the bigger picture and think that it will not happen to them. Well you are deluded because if you pull that trigger you are standing on your own. Because the gaffers will be back in the office practicing their 20/20 hindsight before the body hits the deck.

jerry (11/03/22 @ 12:20)

I agree….but I also know that many officers will not leave a nice department to go back on the street and become a punch bag….and just as likely to end in court/jail…or dismissed…!

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