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CoP looks to boost specialist research with bursaries

retired brief (15/03/22 @ 17:18)

How about specialist application of proactive policing on the streets of urban areas which the general public are CRYING out for; AND specialist application in rural areas which that community is SCREAMING out for? Do we need grants for 'butterfly' potential senior officers to produce bilge on paper addressing 'problems' on diversity etc., etc., etc., which will not solve the problems of real people. But, will tick the boxes on their academic rise to ineffectual senior ranks with no understanding of what is damaging people in the day to day lives.

Anonanon (16/03/22 @ 01:00)

So 79 out of the thousands and thousands of officers out there made it through to a bursary. Must have been a good pitch in the application but I'm sure it hit all CoP blah.

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