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Firearms officer now under criminal investigation for shooting

Anonanon (15/03/22 @ 12:54)

3 years down the line and they are now suggesting criminal offences.Its cases like this which explain why police have a deep and abiding mistrust of IOPC. Treat every interaction as if they are looking to put you before a court.

paul webb (15/03/22 @ 13:09)

Throw your firearms tickets in until such time as the powers that be realise that officers are not out there shooting at all and sundry on a whim. Any firearms officer who pulls the trigger will suddenly find himself standing on his own as everyone will with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight pour over the split second decision they took and dissect it at leisure. Yet again the IOPC have shown why they are distrusted by the police. 2019!! He got papers served on him last year. How many witnesses are they to see. How much BWV can they view. Shocking but sadly not surprising

retired brief (15/03/22 @ 13:16)

The usual lengthy investigation and lack of attention to detail from IOPC, resulting in another fiasco . We are not given any reason why the weapon was discharged or the activities of the deceased which caused the discharge, just the views of one of his family who can hardly be described as an independent observer. Another police officer being thrown under a bus, why would any officer wish to be put in this position with firearms?

Springbok223 (15/03/22 @ 17:02)

Every investigation by the IOPC must 'in their minds' be complicated because they al;l take years to investigate, probably because those investigating don't have much of a clue as to how they go about it. Even a single vehicle crash by a criminal driving like an idiot takes years to investigate when most officers could clear it up in weeks rather than years. The IOPC are the biggest joke in the UK.

I am Anon (16/03/22 @ 22:48)

Mr Fitzgerald emerged from the rear of the property. Like you do. More info please.

ASG (20/03/22 @ 11:53)

It’s naïve to believe no criminal investigation would follow-on from this or other firearms incidents….. surely the officer, his Fed Rep and legal advisor will have prepared for one regardless of the IOPC statement.

ASG (20/03/22 @ 11:55)

Well said…….

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