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Blading tactics used during Bristol riots ‘not backed up’ by College

paul webb (23/03/22 @ 16:14)

CoP what do they know about public order. The scariest moment they will have had is someone pushing in front of them in the dinner queue. This is an authorised tactic that works. Personally I have always favoured short shield long batons and repeated short charges to disperse a violent mob. Not seen many of them brave enough to stand their ground when a bobby is rushing towards them. The moment the protest turns violent. Gloves off and hit them and where possible nick them as well. Sorry what was I thinking. The current crop of officers will be running home to mummy in tears and as for having gaffers with the balls to order such tactics I doubt anyone exists in the job any more.

Guest (23/03/22 @ 16:35)

The college of policing is yet again showing why it is an irrelevance for front line bobbies .It is an academic think tank that does not support the front line in making the everyday difficult and sometimes life or death decisions. They might as well get back in their comfy seats and await their knighthoods .

RailCop (23/03/22 @ 16:36)

Further illustrates the disconnect between actual policing and the retirement home for ACPO officers.

Fatblurk (23/03/22 @ 20:44)

CoP, too tied up in theory and pleasing the left to understand the dynamic of disorder.

Jensen2021 (23/03/22 @ 20:57)

College of policing, IOPC, ‘legal observers,’ NPCC, cop watchers, civil Liberty groups, Netpol, inquest…etc. Yet again, it seems there are an ever growing number of organisations, (some part of the police) set up to oversee but in many cases vilify police with no knowledge of police procedure, tactics and law. But there is a dwindling number of police who despite all this are expected to carry on and stand in harm’s way.

NW-Bobby (23/03/22 @ 23:02)

Whether it be taser, spit guards or blading... What commentators often forget is that these 'controversial' but less injurious tactics being removed will mean officers legitimately resort to punching, kicking and baton striking.

Springbok223 (24/03/22 @ 08:51)

Oh dear, the C Of P showing again that they are 10 years behind the times. I thought after the headmaster left things might improve but obviously not. It is easy when you are a 'chair polisher' to be critical of officers during a riot, especially when you have more than likely never been involved in one. Most hoped that when Mr Marsh went to the college things would improve, although the comment probably came from a civie, not a police officer.

bratman (24/03/22 @ 17:51)

I know it's ancient history, but back in 1982 I stood on Upper Parliament Toxteth Liverpool praying I would survive the night. We stood in line with NO kit other than a useless Custodian helmet, a long mackintosh and a long floppy shield. Our saviours that night were GMP's TAG who arrived at 21.00 in full gear including short shields and long batons. Initially they were told by one of our Chief Superintendents (who had never left HQ in years) to stand in line with us and take the bombardment of rocks and petrol bombs. Eventually they were allowed to charge in short strikes. Very effective and pushed the mob back every time. 40 years on and we still have not learned those lessons.

Squadman (24/03/22 @ 18:59)

Whilst agreeing with every word you say, Paul, what worries me is the fact that at the time of me replying to your post, there are two dissenters to your comments - little wonder the Job's in such a shit state.

paul webb (25/03/22 @ 08:46)

@Squadman Thank you it might be I have offended a snowflake or a senior officer. Little difference between the two these days though

paul webb (25/03/22 @ 14:34)

The lessons learnt by people like us is never relayed to the people who are silver or gold commanders because they are worried that someone in the mob might get hurt. The police on the front line do not count they are there for target practice

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