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Staffordshire served early warning by HMI over performance

retired brief (29/03/22 @ 16:13)

Would appear to be another force whose senior 'we will not tolerate brigade' officers have been too busy with diversity, rainbow shoelaces and flag waving issues at the behest, no doubt, of their politically driven, who knows nothing of real police work, PCC. The chief constable is quoted as saying 'his own staff were venting their frustrations....regularly telling me..... we were letting victims down'. Why did you not listen to your staff, man? why wait for HMI to tell you they were right all the time and that you should pull your finger out?

Anon (29/03/22 @ 18:17)

Another force failing as a consequence of taking on other agencies risk and demand. Meanwhile those agencies health, mental health services, children's services, social services etc carry on offloading demand on to policing. As long as Chief Constables continue to allow this to happen and indeed encourage it in some cases in their quest of social engineering then policing will never be able to cope with demand. Woke, social justice warrior Chief Officers have a lot to answer for!

Springbok223 (30/03/22 @ 11:47)

Look who was there for a long time, the Welsh Windbag who could use a thousands words when six was sufficient.

Life on Mars (30/03/22 @ 14:13)

@Springbok223 100%

Clancy Wiggum (31/03/22 @ 16:41)

I can only envisage they won't be the last

Springbok223 (01/04/22 @ 08:12)

@Life on Mars - forgot to add, looked like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle, Is that enough clues.

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