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Hertfordshire cancels PEQF courses “to process additional applications”

Captainover (04/04/22 @ 12:02)

They have binned it off because they are planning on putting the people on IDILP because they still can. Other forces are going to start following suit as this PCDA programme is falling apart at the seams.

Anon (04/04/22 @ 13:40)

PCDA is more trouble than its worth. Joiners are unable to manage the demands of being a Probationary Constable and doing the required degree at the same time. It has become abundantly clear that the scheme is fundamentally flawed. This is supported by the very high attrition rates across forces. With all the back tracking, the movement of phase out dates and the failure of degree only entry, I would not be surprised if IPLDP survives and is continued with some tweaks.

paul webb (04/04/22 @ 15:47)

Us old dinosaurs told you so!!

Anon (04/04/22 @ 18:54)

Paul Webb. Yes. We were told we were Dinosaurs and that our views and experiences were outdated. We were ignored and sidelined by those at the CoP who have never policed a day in their lives.

ASG (06/04/22 @ 10:40)

“ the College Of Policing “ has said …………

ASG (06/04/22 @ 10:43)

We are phasing out the old system and replacing it with the former Policing Minister and Commandant ( For Life ) CoP Herbert’s system…..

Stuart (19/04/22 @ 11:20)

IN THE 1980's West Midlands in their recruiting strategy took the unusual step of targeting military Senior NC0's and Warrant Officers who were retiring from the army after their 22 years service, working on the principle that these men and women had many of the skills needed for a Police Constable including, a good standard of education, life experience, common sense, courage, determination and a sense of duty. Recruiting teams to sent out to the UK and Germany(BAOR) and a considerable number were recruited into the force and sent of to the District Training Centre where they performed very well indeed. With their military background their presence on the streets brought a new dimension to the West Midlands of mature, sensible officers with common sense, compassion and courage, and with no fear of working shifts, weekends or Bank Holidays and proved the strategy in recruiting them was the correct one. The College of Policing academics, with their insistence of a degree for new police officers, "so that they will be able to deal with the advanced technical nature of policing and be equipped with the skills to be able to police diverse communities with sensitivity" should consider their recruiting strategy and perhaps follow the West Midlands system from the 1980's. Who knows it just might be the answer to what the public really needs in their police service.

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