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Hundreds of Police Scotland officers leaving following pension changes

paul webb (12/04/22 @ 12:48)

Hilarious. Vast swath of experience officers running for the exit. If that does not tell the morons in power that there is something rotten in the job then nothing will.

retired brief (12/04/22 @ 16:00)

Especially when all that experience is replaced by the woke snowflakes of today, who will not want to work night or weekend duties. Preferably working from home as has recently been suggested, while studying for their degree and then moving on to better paid jobs.

Anon (12/04/22 @ 18:47)

Exactly the same will happen in England and Wales when the procedures change. There will be a mass exodus, probably the very reason why government are "dragging their feet" over implementation. The rush to leave will obliterate any advantage provided by the so called uplift over the next few years.

Anon (12/04/22 @ 18:51)

Whp can blame them. The flood will no doubt turn in to a torrent. The Police Scotland comment about flexing resources will be interesting to observe as hundreds if not thousands leave and forces struggle to achieve their recruitment targets. Just see the Mets position with less than 50% of applications being received to get near the government recruitment target.

Anon (12/04/22 @ 22:10)

It's amazing turning up to an ex retiree function, everyone I know looks healthier, happier and all doing well, there is one common factor none ever tell you they miss the job and like to come back,

Anonymous (13/04/22 @ 14:16)

Let's hope this comes south.

Jensen2021 (14/04/22 @ 11:55)

True, and on top of that, there already is a mass exodus of resignations and retirements right now!

gussiemac (14/04/22 @ 18:27)

1,800 is more than 10% of all the police officers in Police Scotland!!!

Ian (19/04/22 @ 16:05)

That the Government, who for years have wanted to reform the old guard of our Service, are not rushing to capitalise on this opportunity to do so seems odd. Perhaps they are worried that there would be no-one left to teach the last remaining student officer how to turn the lights off when they graduate and leave?

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