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Met counter-terrorism officer guilty of three child sex offences

paul webb (14/04/22 @ 17:04)

Yet another story the MSM are reporting with glee. I do despair if this was a counter terrorism officer and he was WFH!! The police do not need any more negative stories. The fact that he was caught by the police will never register with the usual anti police crowd.

Jensen2021 (14/04/22 @ 22:20)

Very good point. It’s always overlooked that bad cops are weeded out by their own colleagues, it is not a ‘closing ranks’ situation as certain journalists, MP’s or anti police activists believe. I know people in the NHS who say it’s scary how many doctors etc have allegations made against them, are known to be predatory, yet many carry on. Again, people forget that NHS staff and teachers who are convicted of child abuse are convicted because the police have done their job, but that goes against the narrative.

retired brief (15/04/22 @ 15:54)

What does he look like? I know he was under pressure when the mug shot was taken, but if I saw him hovering about the children's play area in my local park when I take my young grand children when they are on half term holiday from school, he would be subject of some searching questions from me to say the least.

Bob French (16/04/22 @ 13:15)

Thrown everything away because of his dick. Good riddance, he won’t be missed. Well done the u/c staff too.

Annoymous. (17/04/22 @ 00:41)

How did he get into and remain in the Police never mind Counter Terrorism, there must have been warning signs over the years ?

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