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Digital forensics platform to help forces exchange EU fingerprint data

Secon (19/04/22 @ 13:31)

A data interchange requirement is absolutely needed - no question. However, even from basic examination of what this is, and how its hosted gives serious cause for concern. The privacy policy on the website of this body refers to law enforcement processing and privacy shield / SCC's thus: "However, some of our suppliers and FCN members will sometimes need to transfer or process your information in other countries, for example if they are part of a worldwide group of companies and need to access data from another country to provide support or for law enforcement purposes. Where this is the case and where such countries are not recognised as providing the same standard of protection to individuals in respect of their personal information, we will take reasonable steps to put in place measures to protect your information. In some cases this is the participation of the third party in the Privacy Shield Framework and in other cases we make sure there are contractual provisions in place based on standard data protection clauses." Processing of data for a Law Enforcement purpose can never use SCC's or Privacy Shield as a basis for transfers, and all data should be staying directly in the UK unless its being specifically shared with a responsible authority outside of UK. This looks like (yet another) clear breach of UK legislation, exposing the rights of the public to undue risk and potentially undermining the actual purpose of this connector.

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