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Acting Met Commissioner calls for powers to sack officers faster

retired brief (20/04/22 @ 13:26)

Whatever comes out of this, there must be proper checks and balances to prevent the 'we will not tolerate' brigade from carrying out uninformed and/or unevidenced acts against officers, merely because they can.

Bob French (20/04/22 @ 14:30)

There’s still some officers serving despite being convicted, jailed and released.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (20/04/22 @ 15:41)

i doubt any officer who has been sentenced to prison remains in the police service - unless cleared on appeal

paul webb (20/04/22 @ 15:42)

No problem with rooting out the bad apples. However it will appear that the bad apples are all federated ranks. No one seems able to root out the senior officers who for example blow millions on a IT system that was over budget, late in delivery and never worked properly from the off. Giving Chief Constables absolute power to sack anyone who falls foul of the current " we will not tolerate" creed is storing up a shed of legal actions if they go sacking all and sundry for the current heinous offence. Meeting a member of the opposite sex whilst on duty etc. The federation is right that the hearings need to be speeded up but due process needs to be followed or their will be witch hunts galore before long.

Thewayitwas (20/04/22 @ 17:57)

I get his point and if there’s any moral way of getting the corrupt perverted and dangerous officers out quicker then I’m with him. I’ve said a few times , they (IOPC) shy away from ex cops investigating complaints . We do not favour anyone and I for one assure you that a bent cop would get my years of investigation skills fully and more against them !

Anonanon (20/04/22 @ 18:05)

How has the poor incumbent of the office of constable reached such a low? It seems they are not worthy of the fundamental principles of basic fairness and due process. Discipline panels are already becoming Courts by any other name, as seen by the recent balance of probability finding of Rape 'proven'in a Gross Misconduct hearing reported PO recently. It really is now such a god forsaken job that ranks of NPCC level call for the checks and balances to be ripped up in an ingratiating bid to be seen to be 'on message' to a bunch of MP's.

Softly Softly (20/04/22 @ 18:18)

Wonder how that would have worked in Police Scotland who couldn't rid themselves of him fast enough!

Phill Matthews (21/04/22 @ 09:04)

PFEW has and continues to champion and offer solutions to speed up the misconduct process, unfortunately the NPCC, Home Office, IOPC and MP's are not interested. So its rather ironic that same NPCC want to do it now, but only on their terms!! The only protections officers have from abuse are the regulations and they should not be meddled with on a whim or to attempt to satisfy the direction the political wind is blowing on any given day.

Bob French (21/04/22 @ 10:35)

@Old Skool Kind of Guy. I agree, but if there’s convicted officers still in the job, probably awaiting appeal, they should be sacked, appeal and if successful, re join or if not, dismissed. My point is, some are still on the books and in the workplace despite their convictions.

jerry (21/04/22 @ 11:33)

Just another ACPO clown wanting dictatorial powers over the PFEW members. As if they have not got enough already.

alexander14 (21/04/22 @ 12:14)

I ended up at a gm hearing despite no evidence and having done nothing wrong. What if an AA / chief abuses this power. Where are the checks and balances. Chiefs already have accelerated misconduct hearings. The speed issue is surely down to the investigating dept.

Annoymous. (24/04/22 @ 23:26)

@Old Skool Kind of Guy There was a well publicised case in Staffs.

Annoymous. (26/04/22 @ 21:22)

Why objectionable ? 10 likes

mr anonymous (28/04/22 @ 19:02)

hope it goes for all ranks

ASG (29/04/22 @ 08:11)

@Annoymous. I think it’s objectionable because your like a stuck record….

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