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Use your conduct powers better, Federation tells Chiefs

XKnotscop (22/04/22 @ 08:16)

Perhaps if the Chief Officers carried out good old fashioned proper vetting of all applicants they would save themselves massive issues by not employing many of these oiks in the first place. Op Uplift is nothing more than a "Rushed process to get bums on seats and meet quotas" with poor infrastructure in place to truly support those that are taken on. Reflective Practice and PRI as Phill rightly says is not used often enough as we have weak 1st and 2nd line managers who lack the spine to deal with matters locally and ramp everything up to discipline level for PSD 's to deal with hence swamping them with needless enquiries that cause delays elsewhere

Phill Matthews (22/04/22 @ 09:31)

Forces seem to be obsessed at the moment with sacking as many officers as they can for any misdemeanour in the misguided belief that it will improve public confidence. It doesn't. It just feeds into the media narrative and undermines Officers willingness to get involved in incidents and do the robust job, which is often required. Things need to be kept in perspective and reviewed through the lens of how the officers see it when they are making some of these tough decisions often in split seconds, in very difficult circumstances with difficult and troubled individuals. Some officers do need to be dismissed and in those cases the Federation often supports the forces decisions, but most make the right call (but are investigated anyway) or just just a simple minor mistake that should be dealt with quickly through Reflective practice.

jerry (22/04/22 @ 15:15)

Well said. It just shows the inability,as well as the lack of a spine, by most senior officers. The overriding concern ,for them, is how is this issue likely to play at my next promotion, and will it remove criticism from myself and make my life easier if I sack this officer for whatever…! They are over sensitive to the wannabe politicians in the IOPC, the MSM looking for a headline and the politicians looking for votes. The criminals, of course, are delighted…!

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