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Devon and Cornwall Chief to retire after nine years in post

retired brief (29/04/22 @ 22:32)

wonder who objected to my post???? Some people have thin skins on the gravy train and cannot stand up to the real truth of their positions. The soner we are rid of the cancer of PCC's the better!

Springbok223 (30/04/22 @ 08:32)

Nothing wrong with your post, some people just don't like the ''truth''.

Springbok223 (02/05/22 @ 09:50)

At least the next incumbent will not have a hard act to follow.

Life on Mars (03/05/22 @ 22:11)

Always thought that....

Life on Mars (03/05/22 @ 22:13)

@retired brief Don;t see a problem personally and Sean is a decent man who has properly worked at the coal face. No idea about the PCC and the replacement

Paddy M (06/05/22 @ 11:45)

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