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Number of Scottish officers retiring up by 70 per cent

retired brief (03/05/22 @ 21:53)

This is frightening. If the Wee Crankie gets her Scottish so called independence she will have a decimated police service devoid of experience and ability in the basic tenets of policing Her stated 'Grand Aim' of joining another 'United Community' in Europe will mean that Scotland will have to accept their share of immigrants to Europe. Not many of them will want to stay in a poverty stricken Scotland with its well known failed public services and will seek to get to England. So, we will have economic migrants crossing from France to England in rubber dinghies; and economic migrants running across the fields to get from EEC Scotland to England. How on Earth will the rump of the police service and Border Service in England deal with this situation whilst the Wee Crankie offers nothing more positive that blaming the Westminster government.

Mappit (04/05/22 @ 00:07)

You could mitigate all your fears by rejoining the EU. The main thrust of the current indy ref 2 would be nullified. All legal EU migration routes would re open, reducing the flow of dinghies. Plus the economic boost would mean less public sector budget pressure and less early retirement from stressed cops. Tea and medals all round. Also decimation is only a 10 percent reduction. I'd take that over the damage the law and order party inflicted over 13 years. (Assuming of course I wasn't the 10th man).

paul webb (04/05/22 @ 08:17)

Hilarious. Krankie and the SNP mafia could not run a piss up in a brewery if the beer was free and a bus load of alcoholics turned up. Did no one think that allowing officers to cut and run after 25 years instead of 30 that officers would hang around. All that experience running out the door and what are they being replaced with? As for the PFEW asking for the same deal. Good luck with that one. If this was replicated south of the border the exodus of experienced officers would cause huge damage to the ability of the job to function effectively.

A-non-e-mouse (05/05/22 @ 11:41)

Paul, This is already happening south of the border. Following the pension fiasco changes made in April 2022 by the Government serving officers that have reached 25 years service and 50 years of age are already leaving in droves.

paul webb (05/05/22 @ 18:04)

@A-non-e-mouse Thank you. Been retired since 2007 so a lot of these changes have passed me by

Mac ducati (05/05/22 @ 19:31)

The worst drug abuse problems in Western Europe too....

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