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Merseyside chief clashes with PCC over “institutionally racist” comments

Anon (05/05/22 @ 13:19)

Another example (as if it were needed) of policing and politics being a completely toxic mix. Perhaps the PCC should take her foot out of her mouth stop flaunting her "Woke & Diverse" credentials and focus like a laser upon her core job - whatever that may be.

Anonanon (05/05/22 @ 13:30)

Nailed it with that comment!

retired brief (05/05/22 @ 14:09)

Spurrell is a fully indoctrinated corbynista. She was deputy to the previous PCC Jane Kennedy and resigned her post in protest when Jane Kennedy distanced herself from Corbyn and the Labour party over anti semitism. Not known for any great intelect, she is now back pedaling furiously after opening her mouth too wide on an internet TV channel, though she is being strongly supported by an ex police woman who could not hack the job ands left blaming everyone else for her shortcoming to found the Black Lives Matter branch on Merseyside and the We Do Not Consent group. Spurrell was voted in as PCC, standing for labour, by the usual minimal turn out of people who would vote for a donkey wearing a fur hat with red star on it if it was the labour candidate in that part of the country. Just sums up the true nature and usefulness of the position of PCC, this one having just pushed back community relations in Liverpool by about 20 years by basically electioneering in the day before the local elections without the faintest idea of what she was really doing!

paul webb (05/05/22 @ 17:50)

Way to go to boost the morale of the troops. Just call them racists. PCC's are in the main just failed politicians earning a decent wedge as well as employing their mates on the payroll being deputy muppets, head of the selecting the biscuits for key meetings manager etc. How on earth did the old police authorities ever manage to do their job without the raft of useless mouths that the PPC's seem to employ.

retired brief (05/05/22 @ 20:35)

paul webb; spot on once again.

Springbok223 (06/05/22 @ 08:32)

Spurrell obviously fails to put her little brain in gear before opening her mouth, just another failed PCC with strong left-wing views.

Russ (06/05/22 @ 12:56)

She said “However we define it, racism & inequality permeate all our public institutionsâ€쳌 Including such a new public institution as the PCC’s? What is she doing to put her own house in order first?

Anonymous (06/05/22 @ 13:38)

As a former Merpol I first hand witnessed the effort and dedication of the force over the last 30 years to improve community relations and this person wipes it out in 10 minutes. She should resign immediately. Any political PCC should be only espousing Peelian Principles. They remain as valid and important today as they did in the 18th century.

Jensen2021 (06/05/22 @ 14:00)

Spot on. Interestingly 99% of police work will never make the media (probably more than that actually) but daft, politically loaded comments always will

ASG (06/05/22 @ 22:13)

Breath test her every time she gets in the car…….

Anonymous (07/05/22 @ 09:25)

At last...robust push back by a Chief against a ridiculous political narrative from a ridiculous PCC. Thank you, Ma'am

Springbok223 (21/06/22 @ 11:15)

Spurrell is just an 'attention seeker' with left wing views and isn't too bright when it comes to intelligence as seen by her comments which she has tried to clarify to some extent, but she obviously didn't think very clearly when she made the original comment, and has made herself look the clown that she is. I wonder how she got the job in the first place?

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