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IOPC investigates Sussex fatality after vehicle pursuit

paul webb (05/05/22 @ 18:01)

MSM have already tried the officer and he is guilty of murder!!Because according to them the police have mown him down!! Seen dash cam footage showing the deceased running into the road and the police car coming to a halt but not before it has collided with him. Now we will wait for the IOPC to learn how to tie their own shoe laces, work out where the nearest florist is for the family of the deceased and of course the nearest card shop, then watch them bumble about for the next year dealing with an inquiry that would take a couple of traffic officers a few weeks at most to sort out.

retired brief (05/05/22 @ 20:50)

paul webb, I think you can be sure that at this very early stage of the IOPC 'investigation' that they will have booked suitable accommodation for the gross misconduct hearing in, maybe 3 years time, and have already prepared their press releases expressing the usual bilge about public accountability and sympathy for the kamikazi offenders family but with no regard to the police officers sanity!

Anonanon (06/05/22 @ 01:55)

No mention in Sussex's Jo Banks media blah about thoughts and support for the officer(s) at the other side of this incident. I doubt they finished their shift feeling anything but despair.

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