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IOPC takes down mental health Twitter post after it backfires

Anonanon (10/05/22 @ 16:45)

The reason why police are having to deal with MH calls every 4 minutes is the complete and utter failure of Mental Health and Social Services to fulfill their duty and provide sufficient cover and care both during and after office hours. For IOPC to try and drum up some business on the backs of officers having to deal with other 'partner agency' failures just shows what wasters they are.

Guest (10/05/22 @ 16:49)

Completed and utter waste of spaces, IOPC might be Independent in name but certainly not in it’s thoughts and actions. Time for the IOPC to be disbanded .

A Nony Mouse (10/05/22 @ 17:01)

Will anyone be held accountable for that farce? Somehow I doubt it as the IOPC only seems to be good at trying to throw mud at the police rather than looking at their own short comings. They couldn't even apologise to the police in their retraction statement and instead tried to make their mistake sound like they were doing something useful.

paul webb (10/05/22 @ 17:23)

Disgusting. The IOPC have just showed once again why they are not only distrusted by the police but hated. The IOPC who appear to go into every enquiry with the fixed position that the Police are guilty. Whose first task is to find the nearest florist and card shop for the complainant. The second is how to switch on the kettle. Then spend months and sometimes years doing an enquiry that a probationer could complete in a few days. Mental health- The cost to those officers stuck in limbo by these muppets for yonks has I dare say resulted in serious mental health issues. It would be nice if the muppets responsible for this would actually apologise for its crass insensitivity and aim its criticism at the NHS who fail to do their job on mental health on a daily basis leaving the police to mop up the mess.

retired brief (10/05/22 @ 20:04)

The woke 'ist' Corbynista's running riot in their desire to destabalise the police and government in the UK to bring about revolutionary change, by using their positions in a national organisation well outside the original terms of reference which created the organisation. Just saw an FB page entry today with that other indoctrinated Corbinysta PCC Spurrell in Merseyside (yes that one destroying community relations in Merseyside) giving advice on how to make complaints against the police on her PCC website. We are reaping the benefits of politicians dreaming up short term alleged solutions of their day, without realising the problems they were creating for the future. Thank you Ms Wicked Witch!!

TiredResponseOfficer (10/05/22 @ 20:47)

Typical response from the IOPC as well. Instead of a polite and contrite apology, blame the ‘reaction’ to it instead - i.e. blame the Police!

Jensen2021 (10/05/22 @ 23:51)

Shows a clear anti police agenda. They can’t even bring themselves to criticise the very people (mental health staff) who should be owning this as this is their job, but blame the police for picking up the pieces, and in many cases, showing far more compassion and patience than mental health workers. I would be fascinated to know if the NHS face anti doctor organisations who investigate them or whether there are anti teacher organisations that investigate them. UK police are treated appallingly and with disdain despite being the most revered in the world. The number of organisations, quangos, cop watcher groups, journalists, MP’s, lawyers out to get them is ridiculous

ASG (11/05/22 @ 01:58)

In the cool, calm, sanitised atmosphere of a well equipped office, it seems people make mistakes…. Imagine what it must be like in the heat of battle….. lessons need to be learned……

Softly Softly (11/05/22 @ 13:49)

What a totally inept moronic organisation the IOPC is - to say it's unit for purpose would be a gross understatement of fact!

Anthony (11/05/22 @ 14:19)

The IOPC is definitely an organisation suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

ebp cop (11/05/22 @ 15:22)

Difficult to overstate how offensive that tweet was and how badly it reflects on IOPC's culture.

thomasm1964 (12/05/22 @ 17:27)

Having watched the performance of so many police forces over the last two and a half years with appalled fascination, I struggle to sympathise with the reactions of serving police officers to the IOPC's tweet. Too many officers and their commanders are simply not fit for purpose and come across more as paramilitary thugs than officers who police by consent. I am aware that there are many decent, dedicated officers but too many of us have bruising encounters with the police to think theya re beyond approach or do not need urgent, deep and wide reform. For the sake of society and those who truly wish to serve, the police really do need to take a long, hard lok at themselves and try to see themselves as too many of us now see them: a politicised, partisan agent of the State rather than the public.

Bob (12/05/22 @ 19:03)

They don't even try to pretend do they...

Dave (12/05/22 @ 21:29)

Why is there not a recognised official mechanism for complaints against the IOPC. They seem so far removed from reality that their existence is unbelievable.

BS1392 (13/05/22 @ 21:10)


Springbok223 (16/05/22 @ 16:32)

The IOPC prove yet again that they are a 'shower of sh%t', run by people who really don't have an iota of idea about the police. The most useless unit of HMG, just a bag a copper brigade and take as long as possible over any inquiry. People hoped that when that Woolly Headed Owers went things might improve, but Lockwood is as bad as she was. A unit run by incompetents of the first order. Ti9me to disband the unit and get a totally independent out fit, properly supervised.

tintin (17/05/22 @ 11:57)

A total joke.Poorly led and full of unfit for purpose personel.

London (17/05/22 @ 12:25)

Young people don't know how to complain about the police? Um... it's a big button on every force's website.

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