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Viewpoint: a furious but justifiable response to a Tweet?

Squadman (11/05/22 @ 12:34)

A very well set out case by Chris Hobbs - but will anything be done about it?

paul webb (12/05/22 @ 09:20)

Sadly the morons who put this offensive tweet out will not lose a moments sleep about its effects on a already over stretched police force. I dare say most of the muppets at the IOPC would not have a clue on the pressures of dealing with seriously mentally ill people that are roaming our country. The billions that pour into the the black hole of the NHS seems only to increase its vast army of useless pen pushers and not the people at the sharp end.

Jensen2021 (13/05/22 @ 12:25)

The media focus always focuses on the tiny amount of MH incidents involving police where it goes wrong. Yet what about all the MH patients who die following contact with MH services? Why is there no criticism there, that is their job after all, but ironically the police cop the blame for the competitively tiny amount of deaths following police contact

Springbok223 (14/05/22 @ 09:30)

...and we had Sussex serve disciplinary papers on an officer who was suffering stress, and serious mental health problems, who then committed suicide. That was really considerate and showing concern, wasn't it.

Ian (24/05/22 @ 16:56)

Please could someone tweet advice regarding who to complain to in the event that the IOPC are not felt to be doing all they should? In fairness, the most recent police recruitment and retention data shows that they are doing a great job of assisting in discouraging new joiners and weeding people out of the Service.

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