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City of London praises move to cloud management system

Softly Softly (12/05/22 @ 16:48)

Oh the irony, this will surely go hand in hand with many NPCC ranks who have their heads firmly set in the clouds with the absence of their feet (or any other part of their anatomy) on the ground.

retired brief (12/05/22 @ 20:57)

Softly Softly: understand where you are coming from. In my day, often flew on the seat of my pants giving evidence in the Crown Court (did not have clouds those days) fending off angry cross examination designed to confuse a jury of 12 true and tested idiots who would only ask what does beyond reasonable doubt mean? and where do we claim our expenses? with bugger all real questions as to the guilt of the person(s) on trial. It would be a case of 'beam me up Scotty' as one was hammered by the hindsight, shudder done this, shudder done that miscarriage of justice industry professionals (ho,ho), 'defending' assorted pond life who they were well aware, were as guilty as hell. How many on this site remember going through this with bewigged council in the Crown Court saying 'well detective xx it's all a game?

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