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New Deputy Chief for West Mercia

Springbok223 (14/05/22 @ 09:21)

The usual comments from the NPCC book of things to say when you get promoted. Time they re-wrote the book starting with 'I will go anywhere for promotion up the ladder', followed by 'I will say nice thing about where I am going'.

Anonanon (14/05/22 @ 23:08)

@ Springbok223 It is usually cut and paste on stuff like this and you can’t expect anything but the usual blah when you move on. But I have had the opportunity to get to know Commander Murray in the past and he is a very personable, down to earth individual and good at what he does. West Mercia will have gained a good Deputy Chief.

Bob French (17/05/22 @ 09:42)

And his success at being the lead on violence in the Capital is......

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