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Officers aren't the “thought police”, says HMI Chief

paul webb (16/05/22 @ 11:56)

Ye Gods how did he slip through the net. Coming out with such outrageous statements now he has literally got to the top of the greasy pole. The woke snowflake brigade of the permanently offended will be horrified that someone being beastly to them on social media will not have the old bill kicking down the doors and issuing them with dire warnings and being logged as an offender under the hate crime label. Now can the rest of the countries police take note that serious crime is going through the roof and needs to dealt with as a priority. Then you can stop wasting your time pandering to the alphabet soup crowd long list of trivial complaints

Stuart (16/05/22 @ 13:02)

Common sense has finally arrived in the police service from a former Chief Constable who is now Chief HMI and many congratulations to him for, at last stating the obvious in the face of the woke brigade, the majority of whom who are occupying Chief Officer posts (Used to be Chief Constables) in the UK. They will be having urgent meetings with their overstaffed diversity teams, consulting with every minority party in their fiefdom to gauge opinion on these outrageous statements made by Andy Cooke. They will not of course consult with the public because they will support Mr Cooke's statements and breathe a sigh of relief that someone at the top of the policing tree is gasping the nettle and speaking out after many years of pandering to minorities and getting on with protecting the public by concentrating on investigating real crime.

Anonanon (16/05/22 @ 13:11)

Will this filter down to the SMT at assorted police forces around the country though? Will they support the officer or staff member who tells the complainant that this is not a crime or a police matter but simply that they are upset because another individual does not share their views and are expressing their own. We will see.

retired brief (16/05/22 @ 13:23)

Trouble is that this most laudable, sensible and needed message needs to be driven home to the rag, tag and bobtail crew that are the PCC's in this country. If they will want to die in a ditch preserving their politically driven dogma on such issues which do not break any legislation, they should resign and seek a seat in Parliament where they may try to introduce such legislation. Not much chance of that so I suppose they will continue trying to waste police time on such non criminal issues.

Guest (16/05/22 @ 13:57)

Finally a common sense approach by a proper copper’s copper. Perhaps the wheel will now turn against the woke invasion of policing . Next up the IOPC.

Springbok223 (16/05/22 @ 16:20)

Thank God someone speaking about the right things the police should be dealing with instead of those fluffy things. Lets hope those woke Chiefs do as the CHMI is talking about.

BobbyP (16/05/22 @ 18:08)

Lol... Good on you sir! About time someone with some actual policing knowledge has taken on this position. A donkey in a trench coat would've done a better job than Windsor. Although one does wonder if Mr Cooke was ever in the company of Merseyside pcc Emily Spurrell!!?? Would love to have been a fly on the wall in those meetings!

Jensen2021 (16/05/22 @ 18:41)

Finally. It needs to be filtered through the ranks. ‘Thought policing’ should not happen, especially in a country that values freedom of thought and expression. By trying to criminalise it, certain forces have made fools of themselves and turned certain people who wouldn’t usually have a problem with us against us

Bob French (16/05/22 @ 21:59)

Two hopes, non and Bob.

Softly Softly (17/05/22 @ 14:23)

Alas with those views I fear that his role as Chief HMIC is likely to be short lived when surrounded by NPCC ranks elevated to their positions on the backs of though control, diversity and the worship of goals on just about anything other than real policing. Will it I wonder end the fiasco of seeking for any unconscious bias that might be lurking in officers minds? I'm not holding my breath, but good luck Mr Cooke the odds of commonsense returning to policing UK are very heavily stacked against you.

Softly Softly (17/05/22 @ 14:25)

You mean Winsor wasn't a donkey in a trench coat LOL

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