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Fed pledges to go back to grassroots

NW-Bobby (18/05/22 @ 00:17)

The federation of today looks and feels like another layer of management. Without democratic mandate they agree to policies, convey messages of the latest management 'campaigns' and have very little proactive education, inspection and enforcement. As Ts&Cs change over the years we still have officers debating what they are entitled to in day to day situations - and when the fed are contacted it's not unusual to be scoffed at when you ask for clarification.

Anonanon (18/05/22 @ 00:18)

With respect Steve,the National FED lost touch with the grass roots some considerable time ago. HMG ran rings around it even after its own 2014 led review in 2014 of membership opinion. Local Fed Rep cover in this complaint driven age is probably why most still pay their Subs. Setting up working groups will change nothing. Despite the restrictions placed upon the role of Constable/Crown Servant we could still make it very uncomfortable for HMG if we dipped into the coffers and stopped pretending we can negotiate with them in some form of lobbying and pursue other tactics.

Annoymous. (18/05/22 @ 00:23)

There are a few things that stand out to me : Police Injury pensions - If you lose your career through injury, you should not end up destitute. This is happening because the Fed have pulled funding on this matter. The pension award, banding can be life changing. Employment Tribunals - Your in house lawyers make some poor decisions. I understand Ahmed v North Yorkshire Police was not funded yet he won and revived almost 100k. I can cite many other examples. Given the number of ex cops who are lawyers, why don’t you use them. This Individuals are the only ones who have walked in your members shoes.

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