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NPCC Race Action Plan accepts policing “contains racism”

Anonanon (24/05/22 @ 01:50)

Reading through all that I just get the impression that NPCC/CoP have just rolled over. 'Ok yeah your right its just us that's the problem this is what you want to hear...blah...blah' No attempt to put the myriad of issues that front line coppers face day to day in trying to police those 'communities' in any form of perspective. Lets just accept the driven narrative. MSM will have a field day with this. Leadership? don't make me laugh.. they are driven by the expediency of looking at the next promotion and/or QPM etc.. Has CC Sir David parked the Rainbow wings and put on the hair shirt bearing the words 'Forgive me I'm a police officer'

paul webb (24/05/22 @ 09:53)

MSM are already having a field day with this. Look at the people that are going to be on the board. No where is there an admission that police stop search targets the black community because it is from that community that the vast majority of street killings and stabbings are coming from and that the vast majority of its victims are from the same black communities. We all saw what happened when that useless idiot May ordered the police to tone down stop and search. The carnage went through the roof. So if these people have a practical solution to the mayhem that does not involve targeting the core group of offenders and hurting their feelings please let the rest of us know.

james.killen@homeoffice.gov.uk (24/05/22 @ 10:36)

I think this is from the Dept of Duff Statistics. I can think of three top level officers straight away who are from a BME background. Perhaps they are only looking at the "B" and not the "ME"... figures can't lie etc...

Springbok223 (24/05/22 @ 11:18)

The plain truth might be that there are no black police officers who are sufficiently good enough to be Chief Constables. It may be nothing to do with racism etc etc, someone always has to try and make excuses of racism discrimination etc when it is nothing of the sort. No doubt this comment will be hidden because some do not like the truth.

Softly Softly (24/05/22 @ 12:06)

The harsh truth which few will voice is that the cult of diversity witihn policing has become an industry, within which many have climbed the greasy pole on that alone. It is solely in their interests to perpetuate the myth and the division it has inevitably created. Now Mr Thompson what attire shall you be dressing in next to live out your theory?

MiddyKid (24/05/22 @ 13:23)

The term Anti-racist was made popular by authors such as Ibram X Kendi. It is a viewpoint or philosophy it is not proven fact. Unfortunately though the dogma makes it clear that to challenge his doctrine is racist, to disagree is racist and to not follow his teachings is racist. In addition It can safely be described as a left wing ideology as much of the teachings revolve around Marxist principles. So much for “without fear or favourâ€쳌! Apolitical! Remember that old chestnut?

Bob French (24/05/22 @ 14:06)

Every organisation has racism, discrimination and bias. I wonder how many times he's challenged such things in his career? I'll get my coat..

Bob French (24/05/22 @ 14:07)

He is partial to the odd blue turban or two.

retired brief (24/05/22 @ 15:50)

Just looked at the CV's of this panel! The usual suspects with axe's to grind, 'activists' wanting to defund the police and replace it with 'after school classes to teach community responsibility' (really), political Corbynista no hopers, ultra lefties. Who chose this lot and what was the selection process? CoP? talk about turkeys voting for Christmas! Will produce a never ending dialogue of anti police hysteria along with the local borough rabble rousers on the proposed police borough 'watch dog' committee's. Once again, who on earth in their right mind would join the police these days.

Annoymous. (24/05/22 @ 18:39)

This panel will cause division. I am waiting for Asian officers to raise concerns.

Squadman (24/05/22 @ 19:20)

I recorded the 1949 film, ‘The Queen of Spades’ starring Anton Walbrook and Edith Evans but in the light of the present political dictums, I thought it better to delete it. If you’re following Police Oracle, Dave, perhaps you’ll find this a positive move. I really hope so. In the meantime, slip into something more comfortable – something with wings. Happy apolitical policing.

Jensen2021 (24/05/22 @ 20:49)

‘If you’re calling it woke, then we’re moving in the right direction.’ No, you’re trying to shut down criticism to your own opinions (yes opinions, not fact, that the lackey senior officers have lapped up for their own promotional interests) As noted below, there are no reality checks with these people. Police deal with the society they are in, police are not there to socially engineer society, nor should the be. If it’s true, that these people on the panel are there due to their political views, then that flies in the face of police being impartial. The irony is, that police are now being influenced by left wingers who have no concept of reality. There is no pushback. Imagine if you told a teacher that a panel of people who have a history of disliking teachers, and think that they all abuse children, would now be overseeing them, they’d understandably be outraged and the teachers union would be kicking up a storm. Police? Nope, forced to accept it. Whilst all these people self aggrandise, officers continue to try to reduce crime in the community. It’s just beyond farcical

Softly Softly (24/05/22 @ 22:00)

Truth be told there aren't many white officers suitable for promotion to Chief Constable either.

Guest (25/05/22 @ 10:15)

I for one will not be going woke.In my opinion all that woke theory and the Black Lives Matter campaign have achieved is to make people ‘victims’. By referring to someone’s differences and then using that as a reason for any failures in society simply perpetuates the myth that policing is institutionally racist. I work with black and Asian colleagues who bleed, laugh, cry and are as good at their jobs as anyone. I am sick of tired of pandering to the extreme Marxist left who sees victimhood and inequality in everything we do. I want leadership that actually stands up and calls out this nonsense rather than endorsing it. Where is the character, the strength of mind, the leadership and the ability to articulate a different point of view that as we all know will be shared by the quiet majority who have an inherent common sense and fairness lacking in our own police leaders.To agree with the woke positon is simply another example of our really weak police leadership. Maybe it is time to open up the position of SMT to all ranks because the current system of having to get promoted from Pc to Sgt, Inspector etc simply results in an identikit thought process at the top of the policing chain.

Stuart (25/05/22 @ 12:04)

The role of all officers in the police service within the United Kingdom is to protect and serve the honest, decent, hardworking citizens, their children and their senior family members who have worked hard all their lives. The other role in protecting and serving the community is the prevention and detection of crime which includes arresting and prosecuting those regardless of which ethnicity they are. Having said that promotion in the police service should be by meritocracy and no other reason whatsoever. If an officer from the BAME community is worthy of promotion to the highest ranks then meritocracy is the only criteria we should use and their should never be a system where officers are promoted because of their ethnicity. To do would lead us to a very slippery slope indeed, and whist David Thompson has proved to be a first clave Chief Constable he should not be, on the eve of his retirement, trying to placate those woke academics and left wingers who are trying to change the ethos of the police service in this way.

retired brief (25/05/22 @ 15:41)

Spot on RUCLO.

mr anonymous (26/05/22 @ 16:18)

I joined the police service decades ago when our doctrine was to police without fear or favour to all of society. what we seem to have now is persons in senior positions, I won't use the word leaders, who bend and sway with the whims of our politicians. I genuinely believe that the constant change being forced on the police does nothing to help the morale of the staff and nothing to instill confidence with the public, because all we ever seem to do is criticise ourselves and apologise for perceived wrongdoings, which gives the impression that we are inept, deceitful, dishonest and should not be trusted. The police and its staff are drawn from the society in which they serve and not from some cupboard of evil. If there is a problem with the police there is a problem with society.

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