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PSNI officers 'low hanging fruit' in budget cuts say leaders

jerry (25/05/22 @ 13:58)

Ah well…the electorate in the province elect either the shinners or the “no surrenderâ€쳌 outfit of the DUP based on the usual fear politics. If either one didn’t have the other they would have to invent each other. So the electorate will get the policing they voted for. Unfortunately the PSNI are just part of the meat in the sandwich. Until the other political parties get the majority above the gruesome twosome then things will continue in chaos..!

Anon (25/05/22 @ 16:25)

With the lucrative opportunities open to OCG's following Brexit in the form of smuggling, duty evasion, people smuggling etc, they must be rubbing their hands at this news.

ASG (26/05/22 @ 11:09)

Trouble is Jerry, the alternative is not that much better, they all rarely agree on the time of day and they disagree for the sake of it. Living in Belfast, the immediate future, politically, looks bleak, the PSNI might no longer be targets for a high powered sniper round but they are still targets.

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