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Profile: soldier, jailer, cop - Kent’s new chief superintendent

Anon (26/05/22 @ 15:14)

Absolutely fascinating. A totally unique life experience and career journey!

Old Skool Kind of Guy (27/05/22 @ 10:06)

need more officers with interesting life journeys and examples that join later that have success - whether promotion or a form of specialisation and/or just making a real difference ! less CLONES!!

Bob French (28/05/22 @ 11:53)


Anthony (28/05/22 @ 12:15)

Sounds ideally qualified with all the qualifications and achievements. The police service certainly need more like her.

retired brief (05/06/22 @ 15:58)

Note all the complimentary posts below about interesting life journeys for example, and I think she has done very well in life, would be interesting to know how all this affected her personal family life. And then, I wonder if it has been a case of move on quickly before your mistakes surface to bite one in the bum. This has been happening for years with NPCC people dreaming up 'blue sky' policing initiatives in their desire for further promotion as quickly as possible, leaving behind them the well known crock of whatsit for someone else to sort out.

GMan (09/06/22 @ 19:29)

Uniform carrier! What’s next, Ambulance Service, maybe Fire Service???

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