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Police Scotland diverts resources from digital as officers leave

Anon (26/05/22 @ 15:13)

I imagine that English and Welsh forces will be watching very closely. If the same procedure is achieved by the Federation here then there will be a "Rush for the Door" for thousands of officers. This could of all been avoided if the government had not deliberately tried to wreck the police pension scheme. In the long run their meddling has cost the taxpayer far more.

Anonanon (26/05/22 @ 22:30)

There's a lot of defensive blah from senior management in all that. They're worried.

paul webb (27/05/22 @ 12:08)

It does underline how low the morale is within the Police in Scotland at the number of officers who have taken the money and run as well as all those who are going to be following them out of the door. Whole generation of experience just disappearing over the horizon. If this occurs in England and Wales it will be just desserts for the penny pinching Home Office officials who thought that knackering the old police pension scheme was such a good idea.

Anon (28/05/22 @ 11:39)

Paul. Dont blame Home Office officials. It was driven by Tory ideology and pushed forward by government. Their hatredof the Police and indeed all public services motivated their actions.

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