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Recruiting pool for chief constables must widen, says PCC

Ian (27/05/22 @ 13:21)

I hope the PCC is not naïve enough to believe that the puddle-like depth of the talent pool at this level is due to the restrictive process of getting to/through the Senior Command Course. It is no more difficult or restrictive now than it ever was; indeed, there are fewer restrictions than before on who can apply for both the SCC and for Chief Officer posts. At a time when we arguably have more support and encouragement than ever before for diversity of applications for our most senior posts, we are palpably failing to attract diverse Chief Officers. We have never achieved representative levels of BAME Chiefs, but at one time we did have several and they all managed to get into and through PNAC and the SCC. What has changed is not the challenge of getting to be a Chief Officer, but the desire to do so. I am not clear on who the PCC thinks the process should be widened out to? (I am confident he would have a flood of applicants if he devolved entry to Inspectors). In reality, until those who have managed the "reforms" of policing that have taken us to this low ebb recognise and address the reasons why so few people want to be Chief Officers, this situation will only continue to worsen. A quick glance at the latest workforce survey data, particularly for the tier of officers who would traditionally have provide the next tranche of Chief Officers, might assist the PCC to grasp some of the reasons why there are so many situation vacant notices at this level.

Anon (27/05/22 @ 14:19)

How ironic in that the lack of interest in being a Chief Constable is largely due to having to report to idiot PCC's under the current governance structure.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (27/05/22 @ 15:12)

am i correct in that most PCCs are white middle class types...

retired brief (27/05/22 @ 15:27)

There is one, not sure which force, with a long record in the special constabulary and ( I think prison service) Festus?? sorry cannot remember surname but he puts a lot of the white middle class and over padded, over fed fools in the PCC ranks who have no idea about policing to shame.

retired brief (27/05/22 @ 15:52)

The rethink needs to include an examination by PCC's regarding their attitudes towards chief constables in their electoral area's ( I will not say 'their chief constables' as some of them do). They seem to think they have a divine right to sack NPCC ranks if they do not kow tow to the uneducated, politically driven and uninformed beliefs on policing by the current politico PCC. It really is no wonder that PCC's are struggling to attract suitable applicants, in the more militant and radical areas of the country, for NPCC ranks under their malign political dogma.

DT (27/05/22 @ 16:45)

How about recruiting from the private sector & those who have never been Police Officers? After all, at Chief rank you are more a figurehead and chief executive than Police Officer. As long as they have a degree (perhaps an MBA), after all if you can’t be a PC without a degree, you definitely can’t be a Chief.

Anon (28/05/22 @ 11:47)

Just look at the picture of Rupert. No need to say anymore really as to where the problem is. Arrogance and self importance oozing from every pore!

Annoymous. (29/05/22 @ 04:57)

The promotion system has been broken for years with nepotism and cliques. There should external assessment for everything, an increase in the Sgt and Insp ranks and exams after. This would result in a lot of dross being weeded out and nepotism being ineffectual.

Springbok223 (29/05/22 @ 17:58)

Chief Constables are no longer independent, especially when they have a PCC like this one. Time to sack the lot of PCC's and revert to the Pld Police Authorities which worked fine. Thanks to Camoron who introduced them along with Bovine May.

Annoymous. (29/05/22 @ 22:40)

I think I might stand as a PCC, my local force is very poorly run, CC is poor.

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