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How West Midlands has moved digital forensics to the cloud

Secon (30/05/22 @ 14:48)

A tremendously dangerous path for WMP to follow. To be 100% clear, there is no legal way for a Police Force in UK to use any Azure based service to process Law Enforcement Personal Data (or M365). These cloud services all breach the Data Protection Act 2018 Part 3 - there's no space for ifs, buts or argument - Azure (and AWS when it comes to it) aren't even close to meeting UK law in this area. Four years after it became law its still being roundly ignored. This means that any of the major Digital Forensic tools on the market - Evidence.com, NICE and others that sit on AWS or Azure are not legal to use. Illegality does not however seem to be enough to stop Forces deploying these tools - or even bodies like the IOPC who have even more stringent legal rules to apply and break even more parts of the Act than a Force does - but they should. Whilst ICO is doing nothing to enforce the law, it takes just one cracked case - or allegation that Forensic material has been illegally handled by a defence agent - and the last 3-4 years of massive expenditure by Policing in such services will fall like a house of cards.

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