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Scottish officers offered one per cent pay rise

A Nony Mouse (30/05/22 @ 17:58)

How generous, an 8% pay cut.

retired brief (30/05/22 @ 18:50)

What do you expect when one reads today of the £3.5 BILLION overspend by the Wee Crankie and her SNP devolved government. Roll on independence when the police and other emergency services could end up being paid with food coupons to stand in a two mile 'Q' for a loaf of bread. That is if the Scottish police officers will be able to get away from the street riots to bolster their inadequate salary.

Anon (30/05/22 @ 21:00)

Maybe a good time for those that can retire to go at least they will get over 3 percent increase in pension and a big uplift next year. Police Scotland seem to be going from one crisis to another, what do you expect from the wee crankie.

Anon (31/05/22 @ 12:46)

Police Scotland appears to be heading for disaster. This is no great surprise and is the result of years of political mismanagement both by the Scottish government and politicians south of the border. It's only a matter of time before policing in England goes the same way.

NW-Bobby (06/06/22 @ 21:59)

Scotland has I think 60MPs and then an extra 130 MSPs who are all on 65-75k.

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