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Interview: 'Male officers don't face as much online abuse about their image'

Anon (01/06/22 @ 19:23)

Yawn...... don't go on social media then.

Anon (01/06/22 @ 20:03)

My recollection is that DCC Swann was subjected to criticism as her hair style failed to comply with widely known uniform standards for all officers. This hypocrisy and double standards was subject of much debate on this site and elsewhere. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether a high profile DCC should be leading by example in the maintenance of uniform standards. If the answer is that she should not then you can forget having standards that can be realistically enforced by supervisors. The criticism appeared to have little to do with misogyny. It would appear that the CI has chosen to put her own unique spin on things in furtherance of her minute in the spotlight.

Bob French (02/06/22 @ 10:46)

Please, please promote me to superintendent…

Bob French (02/06/22 @ 10:46)

Please, please promote me to superintendent…

Softly Softly (03/06/22 @ 09:24)

Absolute tosh!

Springbok223 (04/06/22 @ 09:38)

More rubbish from some C/I looking for further promotion.

Anon (05/06/22 @ 08:33)

More tosh from a needy generation oh please promote me, Get real and get on with the job as that is what your paid for not your profile.

Mullers (06/06/22 @ 09:44)

Meanwhile back in the real world.

Patrick (06/06/22 @ 13:51)

Michael Foot back in 1981 turned up at the Cenotaph dressed like a bag of spuds tied in the middle. He was vilified for lacking respect. The moral of the story is if you look the part you will be accepted

NW-Bobby (06/06/22 @ 22:03)

Bobbys,male and female, receive comments from members of the public in equal measure. As an example, I have been told on perhaps 1,000 occasions 'you're too young to be a policeman' - by women.

Justonevoice (09/06/22 @ 16:58)

Is that about age rather than gender though?

Guest (10/06/22 @ 12:47)


NW-Bobby (13/06/22 @ 23:31)

@Justonevoice unless something has changed I'm still male and I face these comments disproportionately from females and in relation to my male appearance. Throw age in and that's 2 protected characteristics.

Bob (23/06/22 @ 16:49)

I think we all know that she is perfectly placed to get it.

Paddy M (23/06/22 @ 22:12)

Anybody got a spare plastic bag with which I might suffocate myself please.

Bandypants (24/06/22 @ 08:09)

Unfortunately officers are encouraged to these days!!

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