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Pushback against the Met’s £5k transfer incentive continues

Anon (01/06/22 @ 19:48)

It's called the laws of "Supply and Demand". As my old Superintendent used to say " Suck it up Buttercup" the reality of the employment market place finally impacts upon the insulated world of PCC's and Chief Constables!

David (03/06/22 @ 02:02)

In the private sector paying a premium for talent is normal. At chief officer level similar pay negotiations apply so why not at constable to superintendent ranks for suitably qualified and performing officers?

ASG (04/06/22 @ 07:46)

What happened to the governments successful recruitment initiatives……

Anonymous (05/06/22 @ 10:59)

Still nice for the officers who get 5 grand

Anon (07/06/22 @ 22:30)

Let's see, I am in a border force of the Met, they are going to give me 5 grand plus free travel for covering an extra few miles well its off to the Met.

London (10/06/22 @ 00:17)

Although I already work in London, and don't appear yet to be getting any incentive to retain my services, I think anything that drives police pay upwards is good for all officers everywhere. A bit of competition between forces will do that.

Jensen2021 (11/06/22 @ 10:24)

Kent’s chief is having a wobble over this. Kent already lose loads to the Met even before this incentive. To me, that doesn’t bode well for Kent that so many up sticks, but of course that means top brass admitting Kent isn’t as good as they think

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