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Culture change in forces is crucial to end VAWG, says national lead

Springbok223 (03/06/22 @ 09:40)

You should know by now that the job is now all about DIVERSITY, and not much else. Dame Diversity Dick started it all and it is now carried on massively.

paul webb (03/06/22 @ 11:15)

Blyth is she not one of the plastic superintendents that the job took on a few years ago and has now got to be a DCC. Wow wonder what she would be like as a gold commander at a major public order event. Sorry what was I thinking she would have a proper police officer sitting on her shoulder telling her what to do. As for VAWG Couzons legacy will haunt the job for decades.

ASG (04/06/22 @ 07:50)

It did occur to me there is more to policing than VAWG…..

Softly Softly (04/06/22 @ 08:27)

Quite strange that someone (me) giving an alternative viewpoint to that of Blyth should have their comment reported as being 'objectionable'. Clearly not a debateable topic - as per usual!

Softly Softly (04/06/22 @ 08:28)

@ASG Seems not circa 2022.

retired brief (04/06/22 @ 09:09)

An excellent question being censored by the diversity illuminati, it would appear.

Springbok223 (05/06/22 @ 13:23)

I bet there are plenty of P.C's in the job with a better knowledge than she has. She was shoe'd in under the rubbish scheme that also took in the RAF Fence Patroller who equated Constables to Dustbin Men. I think he went to North Yorks.

Springbok223 (05/06/22 @ 13:24)

Diversity strikes again.

Springbok223 (05/06/22 @ 13:26)

Excellent post SS, I cannot understand why it has been classed as objectionable.

Bob French (05/06/22 @ 20:23)

Good god. A wonderful ability to talk out of her backside.

Softly Softly (06/06/22 @ 15:11)

@Springbok223 For Diversity should instead be read as Divisity - since that's all it perpetuates!

Anon (06/06/22 @ 19:32)

DCC Blyth has the air of a young Margaret Thatcher about her. I think it must be the hair!

PC McGarry #452 (07/06/22 @ 15:14)

I'll see your Maggie and raise you Wendolene Ramsbottom.

Mullers (07/06/22 @ 15:55)

@PC McGarry #452 - It wasn’t just me then.

paul webb (07/06/22 @ 16:31)

@PC McGarry #452 Great minds think alike.

ASG (09/06/22 @ 08:30)

@Softly Softly Ouch….

Dittonboy (12/06/22 @ 12:02)

I think you are right, no police background whatsoever, office based probation worker parachuted in and is now an expert on policing, says what they want to hear....she has gone from superintendent to DCC in 3 years....

Bob French (13/06/22 @ 14:25)

Her rank and credibility is on a par with the medals worn by some of the Royal family.

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