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Police Scotland mental health absences ‘up by 22% in five years’

retired brief (07/06/22 @ 10:13)

And they have been offered a 1% pay rise in the days of 9% inflation. That is going to help the situation a great deal and will the we will not tolerate brigade take these findings into account in their judgements on officers who have erred in some way?

Anon (07/06/22 @ 12:34)

I think the figure is 1,500 not 50 who have left since the pension amendments.

Anon (07/06/22 @ 12:39)

DCC Taylor comes out with the usual politicians answer that is trotted out by Chief Officers. If the force were doing so well at looking after their officers then why are these figures so shocking and why have so many officers resigned in the last 12 months? Really poor leadership in action!

Anon (08/06/22 @ 13:19)

I am surprised that the figures are not higher! I wonder what the numbers are for forces south of the border? Huge and shocking increases, I imagine for the reasons that we are all well aware of.

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