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Assaults on officers and staff remain above five year average

retired brief (07/06/22 @ 13:30)

Could this recent decrease have something to do with the fact that there are fewer police officers in Scotland than their used to be. Does not hold well for the dwindling number of those remaining with ever less chance of getting back up when needed. (and who are not off sick with mental health problems brought on by the pressure they are being put under in devolved Scotland).

Anon (07/06/22 @ 19:18)

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that DCC Taylor won't be getting assaulted in her cosy, safe office. Tangible action is required such as lobbying the judiciary every week on sentencing, badgering the Prosecutor Fiscal ensuring the correct charges are laid. This should be a constant mission for DCC Taylor and her senior colleagues with action taken every week if not every day. Anything less is an abdication of responsibility and leadership.

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