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Poaching English officers to 'idyllic Highlands' could trigger retirees

Old Skool Kind of Guy (08/06/22 @ 15:36)

am i correct; A PC in Scotland aged 50 with 25 years service can now retire on the same terms as they would have previously with 30 years (i.e. full pension/commutation entitlement)? if so no wonder they have a problem!

langstroth2 (09/06/22 @ 16:19)

I'm constantly surprised even the 55 retirement age doesn't get attention - it's so much better than 99% of the rest of the population, who in theory can retire then but in reality won't have saved enough into their pension.

GoGreen (09/06/22 @ 16:53)

No, they would retire with 25 years service!! But they would get their commutation where before it was a ratio.

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