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Saying it’s degrees that make policing professional an “insult”

retiredandangry (09/06/22 @ 16:27)

Figures released by NPCC show that IPLDP was THE most common entry route under the Police Uplift Programme. The College wants to play one force off against another, why am I surprised by that? The figures would suggest that IPLDP still has a place and Mr O’Reilly is wrong

paul webb (09/06/22 @ 16:41)

CoP will never admit that they are wrong. The degree only route is storing up huge problems for the job in terms of long term retention etc. But hey why should I care I have my pension. However it will effect me if I need the services of the police and the only person available is some child with a degree in fog knitting who has no idea what being a police officer is.

retired brief (09/06/22 @ 18:06)

The C of P is a typical modern day quango, staffed with academic 'high flyers' who have always flown so high with no real understanding of day to day life for the rest of the country, that they have no understanding of the needs of real working class people in the cities and their suburbs or those in the isolated agricultural and country communities who are all suffering the depredations of the criminal classes. This means that they know best and cannot be told otherwise by the proletariat who are crying out loud for an effective and efficient police force. Therefore in their short term strategies the experienced ex military, ex tradesmen and other non degree people with excellent interpersonal and crime fighting skills are being replaced by immature students with an academic degree, a piece of paper, totally divorced from the reality of life today. Typical short term thinking which will result in long term disaster until someone gets a grip of them by the scruff of their necks and shakes some sense into them. Wonder if Andy Cooke is up to this job, as he is making the right noises in the early days of his tenure in post, after the idiot Windsor, with his fancy uniform and jubilee medals despite not being a warranted officer.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (10/06/22 @ 09:05)

need a degree to join the CID? its all becoming a mess as everyone knows best...but no one has the answer...

Mushlarky (10/06/22 @ 12:53)

Utterly ridiculous, the police must be representative of society albeit with higher general standards of behavior and morals. Recruiting from all walks of life subjecting all potential police officers to exactly the same selection irrespective of background or educational qualifications, that gets a balanced cohort. The recent introduction of the policing degree is a big problem, it attracts many who only want a degree without the so-called student debt. Policing and many other professions have fallen for the cal me Tony scam of sending all to university and those who don't being belittled and browbeaten into low-paid employment, the trouble is the policy/doctrine is having the effect of downgrading the worth of degrees. The police need recruits at 18 to perhaps 55 years of age, with degrees, with experience of military life, with life experience, with university experience, with experience in a varied work environment, then we get a properly balanced group of officers and the same should apply to police staf.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (10/06/22 @ 14:29)

all good points but do you have evidence of the job attracting those who want a degree without debt? is that bit made up to back up your thinking? please provide the evidence!

Springbok223 (11/06/22 @ 11:02)

Bernie is just a Clone of the system and thinks like a Clone.

A-non-e-mouse (13/06/22 @ 07:06)

Meanwhile in the land of reality the timebomb continues to tick away with a fast collapsing time frame.

MB1 (06/07/22 @ 08:17)

I am still working in Learning & Development within the police service, albeit a police staff member and no longer a cop. The Lancs PCC is right on so many levels. The lack of frontline exposure due to university attendance is alarming. Our HEI is delivering what the College of Policing has put into a botched ill thought through curriculum. The idea that you could learn to be a police officer and complete a full time undergraduate degree was flawed from the start and the disconnect between the HEI and the force is alarming. The police service should be a broad church and the recruitment pool is now only people with A levels or equivalent. Our recruits are young , naïve and from generally good backgrounds. They are emotionally and physically ill equipped to deal with the rigours of modern policing and a lecturer in criminology reading 100 PowerPoint slides isn't going to help. At least the PCC has put his head over the parapet and identified that a degree doesn't professionalise an organisation like the police service. Rather good quality training delivered by practitioners, not academics. As we move boldly into the future lets base promotion on identifiable , measurable professional practice and not personal ambition and change the demographic of police managers who love being called leaders, which is an oxymoron of course. Root and branch the service needs to change but by restricting recruitment we are losing a large gene pool of talent to join the service. Having degrees professionalises the service, absolute tripe. More CC's and PCC's need to put pressure on the Home Office and CoP.

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